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Food Science of Animal Resources. Vol. 39, No. 3, 2019

Effects of Traditional Sauce Type and Storage Time on Quality Characteristics, Shelf-life and Flavor Compounds of Marinated Pork Cooked by Sous Vide Method
Food Sci Anim Resour 2019;39(3):355-370.
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Mathematical Models to Describe the Kinetic Behavior of Staphylococcus aureus in Jerky
Food Sci Anim Resour 2019;39(3):371-378.
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Changes in Sensory Compounds during Dry Aging of Pork Cuts
Food Sci Anim Resour 2019;39(3):379-387.
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Effect of Total Digestible Nutrients Level of Concentrates on Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics, and Meat Composition of Korean Hanwoo Steers
Food Sci Anim Resour 2019;39(3):388-401.
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Comparisons of Beef Fatty Acid and Amino Acid Characteristics between Jeju Black Cattle, Hanwoo, and Wagyu Breeds
Food Sci Anim Resour 2019;39(3):402-409.
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Incidence of White Striping and Its Effect on the Quality Traits of Raw and Processed Turkey Breast Meat
Food Sci Anim Resour 2019;39(3):410-417.
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Effects of Dipping Chicken Breast Meat Inoculated with Listeria monocytogenes in Lyophilized Scallion, Garlic, and Kiwi Extracts on Its Physicochemical Quality
Food Sci Anim Resour 2019;39(3):418-429.
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Determination of Fat Accumulation Reduction by Edible Fatty Acids and Natural Waxes In Vitro
Food Sci Anim Resour 2019;39(3):430-445.
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Oxidative Stability and Quality Characteristics of Duck, Chicken, Swine and Bovine Skin Fats Extracted by Pressurized Hot Water Extraction
Food Sci Anim Resour 2019;39(3):446-458.
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Effect on Viability of Microencapsulated Lactobacillus rhamnosus with the Whey Protein-pullulan Gels in Simulated Gastrointestinal Conditions and Properties of Gels
Food Sci Anim Resour 2019;39(3):459-473.
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Volatile Flavor Components as a Function of Electrical Stimulation and Chiller Aging for m. longissimus and biceps femoris of Hanwoo Beef
Food Sci Anim Resour 2019;39(3):474-493.
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Effects of Whey Protein Injection as a Curing Solution on Chicken Breast Meat
Food Sci Anim Resour 2019;39(3):494-502.
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Effects of Number of Washes and Salt Treatment on the Quality Characteristics of Protein Recovered from Alaska Pollock and Pork Leg
Food Sci Anim Resour 2019;39(3):503-509.
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Combined Effect of Aging and Irradiation on Physicochemical Quality of Pork Shoulder
Food Sci Anim Resour 2019;39(3):510-519.
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Erratum to: Nondestructive Estimation of Lean Meat Yield of South Korean Pig Carcasses Using Machine Vision Technique
Food Sci Anim Resour 2019;39(3):520
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We announce that the title of our journal and related information were changed as below from January, 2019.


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Korean Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources

Food Science of Animal Resources

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Korean J. Food Sci. An.

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