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  • I read the requirements for manuscript submission and the guidelines for manuscript preparation. This manuscript was written according to the guidelines.
  • The authors' institutions and the funding body supporting this research have agreed to allow this article to be published.
  • This article has not been published previously in any other journal. Currently, it is not submitted to another journal for publication.
  • The manuscript is neatly prepared with the main sections labeled (e.g., Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgments, and References).
  • The Copyright Transfer Agreement Form has been signed.
  • The authors must attach the Certificate of English Proofreading. Instead, the native English-speaking authors can sign and submit the form prepared by the journal.

Manuscript Format

  • The pages are numbered consecutively beginning with the title page.
  • The lines are numbered consecutively beginning with the first line of the title page.
  • All references are formatted according to the citation style described in the KJFSAR (Food Science of Animal Resources) instructions for authors.
  • Each entry in the reference list is cited in the text.
  • All tables and figures are numbered consecutively in the order of their initial citation in the text.
  • All tables and figures are referenced within the text.
Journal Title Change

We announce that the title of our journal and related information were changed as below from January, 2019.


Before (~2018.12)

After (2019.01~)

Journal Title

Korean Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources

Food Science of Animal Resources

Journal Abbreviation

Korean J. Food Sci. An.

Food Sci. Anim. Resour.







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