Editorial Board


Jee-Young Imm
Kookmin University

Associate Editors-in-Chief

Young Min Choi
Kyungpook National University
Changsun Choi
Chung-Ang University

Ethics Editor

Dae Kyung Kang
Dankook University


Aera Jang
Kangwon National University
Cheorun Jo
Seoul National University
Gapdon Kim
Seoul National University
Geun-Pyo Hong
Sejong University
Gi-Seong Moon
Korea National University of Transportation
Hyeong Sang Kim
Hankyong National University
Samooel Jung
Chungnam National University
Seok-Seong Kang
Dongguk University
Seung Ho Lee
Incheon National University
Sungkwon Park
Sejong University
Sun Jin Hur
Chung-Ang University
Sung Gu Han
Konkuk University
Yohan Yoon
Sookmyung Women's University
Yun-Sang Choi
Korea Food Research Institute

International Editors

Dong Uk Ahn
Iowa State University, USA
Min Du
Washington State University, USA
Min-Tze Liong
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Byungrok Min
University of Maryland, USA
Jae-Won Park
Oregon State University, USA
Michio Muguruma
University of Miyazaki, Japan
Tadao Saito
Tohoku University, Japan
Wangang Zhang
Nanjing Agricultural University, China
Brad Y. H. Kim
Purdue University, USA

Editorial Board

Koo Bok Chin
Chonnam National University
Soo-Hyun Cho
National Institute of Animal Science
Inho Hwang
Chonbuk National University
Geun Bae Kim
Chung-Ang University
Won Jae Lee
Gyeongsang National University
Sejong Oh
Chonnam National University
Hyun-Dong Paik
Konkuk University

Manuscript Editor

Yoonji Song
The Korean Society for Food Science of Animal Resources
Mi-Joo Kim
Guhmok Publishing

FSAR Special Section Invitation

We are pleased to invite you to submit special section paper for Food Science and Animal Resources (FSAR). Both full-length research articles and review articles are welcome for the following issues.

 - Benefits: All the accepted papers for the special topics are eligible for the 50% article processing charge (APC) discount.
 - Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 May 2023

The topics of interest for the special issue include:
 ■ Innovative strategies to improve the quality of animal-based products
  (Editor: Dr. Young Min Choi)
  - Application of proteomics and lipidomics in quality of meat and milk products
  - Functional ingredients and additives for structure formation
  - Meal kits and home meal replacement (HMR), Etc.

 ■ Innovative safety and freshness control of animal-based products
 (Editor: Dr. Changsun Choi)
  - High pressure processing
  - Plasma technology
  - Advanced active packaging and sensor technology (quality indicator, time-and temperature indicator, etc)
  - Edible coating, etc.

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