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Author: Geun-Bae Kim

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Species Profiles and Antimicrobial Resistance of Non-aureus Staphylococci Isolated from Healthy Broilers, Farm Environments, and Farm Workers
Food Sci Anim Resour 2023;43(5):792-804.
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Inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes in Fresh Cheese Using a Bacteriocin-Producing Lactococcus lactis CAU2013 Strain
Food Sci Anim Resour 2022;42(6):1009-1019.
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Profiles of Non-aureus Staphylococci in Retail Pork and Slaughterhouse Carcasses: Prevalence, Antimicrobial Resistance, and Genetic Determinant of Fusidic Acid Resistance
Food Sci Anim Resour 2022;42(2):225-239.
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Development of a Rapid Method for the Screening of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)-Producing Strains of Bifidobacterium breve
Korean J Food Sci Anim Resour 2018;38(4):806-815.
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Inhibition of Clostridium perfringens using Bacteriophages and Bacteriocin Producing Strains
Korean J Food Sci Anim Resour 2018;38(1):88-98.
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Characterization of the Biodiversity of the Spoilage Microbiota in Chicken Meat Using Next Generation Sequencing and Culture Dependent Approach
Korean J Food Sci Anim Resour 2017;37(4):535-541.
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