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Author: Xin Li

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The Influence of Vacuum Packaging of Hot-Boned Lamb at Early Postmortem Time on Meat Quality during Postmortem Chilled Storage
Food Sci Anim Resour 2022;42(5):816-832.
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Effect of Postmortem Phases on Lamb Meat Quality: A Physicochemical, Microstructural and Water Mobility Approach
Food Sci Anim Resour 2021;41(5):802-815.
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Acetylation of Sarcoplasmic and Myofibrillar Proteins were Associated with Ovine Meat Quality Attributes at Early Postmortem
Food Sci Anim Resour 2021;41(4):650-663.
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Effect of Chinese Cinnamon Powder on the Quality and Storage Properties of Ground Lamb Meat during Refrigerated Storage
Food Sci Anim Resour 2020;40(3):311-322.
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