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Author: Seung Ho Lee

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Oral Administration of Bifidobacterium lactis Ameliorates Cognitive Deficits in Mice Intracerebroventricularly Administered Amyloid Beta via Regulation the Activation of Mitogen-activated Protein Kinases
Food Sci Anim Resour 2024;44(3):607-619.
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Animal Models of Cognitive Deficits for Probiotic Treatment
Food Sci Anim Resour 2022;42(6):981-995.
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Hovenia Monofloral Honey can Attenuate Enterococcus faecalis Mediated Biofilm Formation and Inflammation
Food Sci Anim Resour 2022;42(1):84-97.
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Antioxidant and Antibacterial Properties of Hovenia (Hovenia dulcis) Monofloral Honey Produced in South Korea
Food Sci Anim Resour 2020;40(2):221-230.
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