Effect of Dry-aged Beef Crust Levels on Quality Properties of Brown Sauce

Sin-Young Park1, Kuk-Hwan Seol2, Hack-Youn Kim1,*
Author Information & Copyright
1Department of Animal Resources Science, Kongju National University, Yesan 32439, Korea.
2National Institute of Animal Science, Rural Development Administration, Wanju 55365, Korea.
*Corresponding Author: Hack-Youn Kim, Department of Animal Resources Science, Kongju National University, Yesan 32439, Korea. Tel: +82-41-330-1041, Fax: +82-41-330-1249, E-mail:

© Copyright 2020 Korean Society for Food Science of Animal Resources. This is an Open-Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Received: Apr 17, 2020 ; Revised: May 25, 2020 ; Accepted: Jun 16, 2020

Published Online: Jun 26, 2020


This study utilized the crust by-product from dry-aged beef as a flavor enhancer for brown sauce and analyzed its physicochemical and organoleptic properties. The physiochemical properties include proximate composition, color, pH, swelling yield, viscosity, and salinity. The organoleptic properties were studied through aromatic profiling and sensory evaluations. The moisture content of the sauce samples decreased while fat and protein content increased as crust content increased (p<0.05). The lightness, yellowness, and redness increased with increasing crust content (p<0.05). The pH of the samples also increased as the crust content increased. Viscosity significantly increased while salinity decreased with increasing crust content (p<0.05). The aromatic profiles of the control and samples with 5% and 10% crust addition were distinguishable; however, samples with crust additives between 10% and 15% gave similar aromatic profiles. The taste of the control sample was significantly lower than that of the samples formulated with the crust (p<0.05), and the sensory viscosity of the samples with 10% crust was significantly higher than that of the control (p<0.05). Flavor and overall acceptability tended to increase with increasing crust content of up to 10% addition (p<0.05). These results show that the crust from dry-aged beef loin crust is a suitable natural flavor enhancer for brown sauce and improves its physiochemical and organoleptic properties.

Keywords: Brown sauce; Beef; Crust; Dry aging; Food processing

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