Effect of incorporation of pomegranate peel and bagasse powder and their extracts on quality characteristics of chicken meat patties

Priyanka Sharma1, Sanjay Yadav1,*
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1LUVAS, Hisar, Haryana, India-125004
*Corresponding Author : Sanjay Yadav. LUVAS, Hisar, Haryana, India-125004. Tel: 91-9254051339. E-mail: SYADAV_LPT123@YAHOO.CO.IN

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Received: Nov 20, 2019 ; Revised: Feb 9, 2020 ; Accepted: Feb 24, 2020

Published Online: Mar 12, 2020


A study was conducted to develop chicken meat patties by incorporating pomegranate peel and bagasse powders and their extracts. Patties were developed by incorporating pomegranate peel powder (PPP, 2 g), pomegranate aril bagasse powder (PABP, 4 g), pomegranate peel powder aqueous extract (PPAE, 6 g) and pomegranate aril bagasse powder aqueous extract (PABAE, 9 g) individually per 100 g of minced meat. Both types of powders and extracts treated patties had significantly higher total phenolic content than control and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) treated patties. Both types of powder (PPP and PABP) treated patties had significantly higher water holding capacity, ash, crude fibre content, and hardness values, and significantly lower moisture content and lightness values in comparison to control patties. Emulsion stability and cooking yield of PABP treated patties were significantly higher than control. Addition of extracts and BHT did not influence the physico-chemical properties and proximate composition of chicken patties. Both types of powders and extracts provided better protection to chicken meat patties against oxidative rancidity and microbial proliferation in comparison to control and BHT treated patties during refrigerated storage. It is concluded that pomegranate fruit byproducts in the form of peel powder, aril bagasse powder and their extracts can be successfully utilised in development of healthier chicken meat patties and these byproducts can also be effectively used as a replacement of synthetic antioxidants such as BHT.

Keywords: Pomegranate peel powder; pomegranate aril bagasse powder; antioxidants; aqueous extract; chicken patties

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