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Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:153-328
Fatty Acid Profiles, Meat Quality, and Sensory Palatability of Grain-fed and Grass-fed Beef from Hanwoo, American, and Australian Crossbred Cattle
Young-Hwa Hwang and Seon-Tea Joo
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:153-161
Influence of Adding Recovered Protein from Processing Wastewater on the Quality of Mechanically Separated Chicken Meat Surimi Like-Material
William Renzo Cortez-Vega, Gustavo Graciano Fonseca, Daniela Cardozo Bagatini, and Carlos Prentice
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:162-167
Carcass and Meat Characteristics and Gene Expression in Intramuscular Adipose Tissue of Korean Native Cattle Fed Finishing Diets Supplemented with 5% Palm Oil
Sungkwon Park, Zhang Yan, Changweon Choi, Kyounghoon Kim, Hyunjeong Lee, Youngkyoon Oh, Jinyoung Jeong, Jonggil Lee, Stephen B. Smith, and Seongho Choi
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:168-174
Molecular Typing and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus Strains Isolated from Raw Milk, Cheese, Minced Meat, and Chicken Meat Samples
Hayriye Yeşim Can, Mehmet Elmalı, and Alper Karagöz
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:175-180
Physicochemical and Functional Characterization of Blue-Shelled Eggs in Korea
Joko Sujiwo, Dongwook Kim, Ji-Yeol Yoon, Hanna Kim, Jung-Soo Kim, Sung-Ki Lee, and Aera Jang
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:181-190
Quality of Frozen Pork from Pigs Fed Diets Containing Palm Kernel Meal as an Alternative to Corn Meal
Jeong Yeon An, Hae In Yong, So Yeon Kim, Han Bit Yoo, Yoo Yong Kim, and Cheorun Jo
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:191-199
Effects of Bundle Type and Substitution with Spent Laying Hen Surimi on Quality Characteristics of Imitation Crabsticks
Sang-Keun Jin, Jung-Seok Choi, and Gap-Don Kim
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:200-209
Effect of Abalone Hydrolysates Encapsulated by Double Emulsion on the Physicochemical and Sensorial Properties of Fresh Cheese
HeeJeong Choi, Soo-Jin Kim, Sang-Yoon Lee, and Mi-Jung Choi
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:210-218
Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) Rhizome as an Antioxidant Dietary Fiber in Cooked Sausage: Effects on Physicochemical and Sensory Characteristics
Youn-Kyung Ham, Ko-Eun Hwang, Dong-Heon Song, Yong-Jae Kim, Dong-Jin Shin, Kyung-Il Kim, Hye-Jin Lee, Na-Rae Kim, and Cheon-Jei Kim
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:219-227
Comparative Study on Compositions and Functional Properties of Porcine, Chicken and Duck Blood
Supaluk Sorapukdee and Supawadee Narunatsopanon
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:228-241
Evaluation of Antioxidative Activity of Various Levels of Ethanol Extracted Tomato Powder and Application to Pork Patties
Hyeong Sang Kim and Koo Bok Chin
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:242-253
Effect of Persimmon Peel (Diospyros kaki Thumb.) Extracts on Lipid and Protein Oxidation of Raw Ground Pork During Refrigerated Storage
Ju-Hui Choe, Hack-Youn Kim, and Cheon-Jei Kim
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:254-263
Prevalence and Comparing of Some Microbiological Properties, Somatic Cell Count and Antibiotic Residue of Organic and Conventional Raw Milk Produced in Turkey
Bayram Ürkek, Mustafa Şengül, Tuba Erkaya, and Vecihi Aksakal
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:264-273
Effect of Gleditsia sinensis Lam. Extract on Physico-Chemical Properties of Emulsion-Type Pork Sausages
Sang-Keun Jin, Han-Sul Yang, and Jung-Seok Choi
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:274-287
Effects of Pre-Converted Nitrite from Red Beet and Ascorbic Acid on Quality Characteristics in Meat Emulsions
Yun-Sang Choi, Tae-Kyung Kim, Ki-Hong Jeon, Jong-Dae Park, Hyun-Wook Kim, Ko-Eun Hwang, and Young-Boong Kim
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:288-296
Assessment of Microbial and Radioactive Contaminations in Korean Cold Duck Meats and Electron-Beam Application for Quality Improvement
Kyung-A An, Yunhee Jo, Muhammad Sajid Arshad, Gui-Ran Kim, Cheorun Jo, and Joong-Ho Kwon
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:297-304
Qualitative Characteristics and Determining Shelf-Life of Milk Beverage Product Supplemented with Coffee Extracts
Ji-Woo Yoon, Sung-Il Ahn, Ha-Na Kim, Jun-Hong Park, Sun-Young Park, Jae-Hoon Kim, Duk-Geun Oh, Jin-Woo Jhoo, and Gur-Yoo Kim
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:305-312
Effect of Calcium Lactate on Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Shank Bone Extract
Jung-Seok Choi, Sang-Keun Jin, Yeong-Seok Choi, Jin-Kyu Lee, Ji-Taek Jung, Yang-Il Choi, Hyun-Joo Lee, and Jae-Joon Lee
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:313-319
Isolation and Characterization of Listeria phages for Control of Growth of Listeria monocytogenes in Milk
Sunhee Lee, Min Gon Kim, Hee Soo Lee, Sunhak Heo, Mirae Kwon, and Geun-Bae Kim
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2017;37:320-328
Korean Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources (Korean J. Food Sci. An.) is an international, peerreviewed bimonthly journal publishing original research and reviews on basic and applied aspects of the use of animal resources including the meat, egg, and dairy product...
Sejong Oh
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