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Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:835-1130
The Incidence of Muscle Abnormalities in Broiler Breast Meat – A Review
Xi Huang and Dong Uk Ahn
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:835-850
Prevalence, Serotype Diversity, Genotype and Antibiotic Resistance of Listeria monocytogenes Isolated from Carcasses and Human in Korea
Hyemin Oh, Sejeong Kim, Soomin Lee, Heeyoung Lee, Jimyeong Ha,
Jeeyeon Lee, Yukyung Choi, Kyoung-Hee Choi, and Yohan Yoon
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:851-865
Effects of Fat Reduction on the Stability, Microstructure, Rheological and Color Characteristics of White-Brined Cheese Emulsion with Different Emulsifying Salt Amounts
Müge Urgu, Sevcan Unluturk, and Nurcan Koca
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:866-877
Comparative Genome Analysis and Evaluation of Probiotic Characteristics of Lactobacillus plantarum Strain JDFM LP11
Jaeyoung Heo, Donghyun Shin, Sung Yong Chang, Paul Bogere, Mi Ri Park, Sangdon Ryu, Woong Ji Lee, Bohyun Yun, Hak Kyo Lee, Younghoon Kim, and Sangnam Oh
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:878-888
Evaluation of Cudrania tricuspidata Leaves on Antioxidant Activities and Physicochemical Properties of Pork Patties
Tran Van Cuong and Koo Bok Chin
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:889-900
Effect of Egg Albumen, Vegetable Oil, Corn Bran, and Cooking Methods on Quality Characteristics of Chicken Nuggets Using Response Surface Methodology
Ashok Kumar Pathera, Charanjit Singh Riar, Sanjay Yadav, and Pradeep Kumar Singh
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:901-911
Quality and Lactic Acid Bacteria Diversity of Pork Salami Containing Kimchi Powder
Ji Yeol Yoon, Dongwook Kim, Eun-Bae Kim, Sung-Ki Lee, Mooha Lee, and Aera Jang
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:912-926
Effect of Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) Powder on the Physicochemical and Sensory Properties of Emulsion-type Sausage
Sol-Hee Lee, Gye-Woong Kim, Juhui Choe, and Hack-Youn Kim
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:927-935
Effect of Ground Chopi (Zanthoxylum piperitum) on Physicochemical Traits and Microbial Community of Chicken Summer Sausage during Manufacture
Dicky Tri Utama, Jongbin Park, Dong Soo Kim, Eun Bae Kim, and Sung Ki Lee
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:936-949
Comparison of Meat Quality Characteristics of Wet and Dry-aging Pork Belly and Shoulder Blade
Young-Hwa Hwang, Nahar Sabikun, Ishamri Ismail, and Seon-Tea Joo
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:950-958
Effects of Deep Freezing Temperature for Long-term Storage on Quality Characteristics and Freshness of Lamb Meat
Mi-Jung Choi, Tolibovich Abduzukhurov, Dong Hyeon Park, Eun Jeong Kim,and Geun-Pyo Hong
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:959-969
Effects of Pre-cooking Methods on Quality Characteristics of Reheated Marinated Pork Loin
Tae-Kyung Kim, Ko-Eun Hwang, Young-Boong Kim, Ki-Hong Jeon, Kyoung-Hoan Leem, and Yun-Sang Choi
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:970-980
Quality Characteristics of Functional Fermented Sausages Added with Encapsulated Probiotic Bifidobacterium longum KACC 91563
Min-Yu Song, Hoa Van-Ba, Won-Seo Park, Ja-Yeon Yoo, Han-Byul Kang, Jin-Hyoung Kim, Sun-Moon Kang, Bu-Min Kim, Mi-Hwa Oh, and Jun-Sang Ham
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:981-994
Physicochemical Properties of Liquid Infant Formula Stored at Different Temperatures
Chan Won Seo, Shik Hong, Yong Kook Shin, and Shin Ho Kang
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:995-1007
Isolation and Characterization of an Anti-listerial Bacteriocin from Leuconostoc lactis SD501
In-Chan Hwang, Ju Kyoung Oh, Sang Hoon Kim, Sejong Oh, and Dae-Kyung Kang
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:1008-1018
Utilization of the Crust from Dry-aged Beef to Enhance Flavor of Beef Patties
Bumjin Park, Hae In Yong, Juhui Choe, and Cheorun Jo
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:1019-1028
The Effects of Natural Antioxidants on Protein Oxidation, Lipid Oxidation, Color, and Sensory Attributes of Beef Patties during Cold Storage at 4℃
Md. Ashrafuzzaman Zahid, Jin-Kyu Seo, Jun-Young Park, Jin-Yeon Jeong,Sang-Keun Jin, Tae-Seon Park, and Han-Sul Yang
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:1029-1042
Risk Assessment for Salmonellosis in Chicken in South Korea: The Effect of Salmonella Concentration in Chicken at Retail
Jaewoon Jeong, Jung-Whan Chon, Hyunsook Kim, Kwang-Young Song,and Kun-Ho Seo
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:1043-1054
Prevalence of Antibiotic Residues and Antibiotic Resistance in Isolates of Chicken Meat in Korea
Hyo-Ju Lee, Seung-Hak Cho, Dasom Shin, and Hui-Seung Kang
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:1055-1063
Antimicrobial Activity of a Bacteriocin Produced by Enterococcus faecalis KT11 against Some Pathogens and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
Hilal Seval Abanoz and Buket Kunduhoglu
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:1064-1079
The Influence of Hen Aging on Eggshell Ultrastructure and Shell Mineral Components
Ji-Ae Park and Sea-Hwan Sohn*
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:1080-1091
Effects of Intensive Alfalfa Feeding on Meat Quality and Fatty Acid Profile of Korean Native Black Goats
Young-Hwa Hwang, Allah Bakhsh, Ishamri Ismail, Jung-Gyu Lee, and Seon-Tea Joo
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:1092-1100
The Dry-aging and Heating Effects on Protein Characteristics of Beef Longissiumus Dorsi
Ji-Han Kim, Ha-Jung Lee, Dong-Min Shin, Tae-Kyung Kim, Young-Boong Kim, and Yun-Sang Choi
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:1101-1108
Nondestructive Estimation of Lean Meat Yield of South Korean Pig Carcasses Using Machine Vision Technique
Santosh Lohumi, Collins Wakholi, Jong Ho Baek, Byeoung Do Kim, Se Joo Kang, Hak Sung Kim, Yeong Kwon Yun, Wang Yeol Lee, Sung Ho Yoon, and Byoung-Kwan Cho
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:1109-1119
Comparison of Physicochemical Properties between Standard and Sow Pork
Gye-Woong Kim and Hack-Youn Kim*
Korean J. Food Sci. An. 2018;38:1120-1130
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